Module 4: Strategic Communications

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Module 4: Strategic Communications is designed to give participants an understanding of the important role strategic communications play in promoting tobacco control goals, and guidelines for planning and managing effective strategic communications activities that can help change social norms around tobacco use. Participants will leave this training session with an understanding of the need for strategic communications, access to examples and resources, and practical tips and templates for getting started.

Module 4: Strategic Communications – Training Materials – Downloadable Files

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Module Description

Section 1: The Power of Strategic Communications

This first section reviews the widespread problem of tobacco in China and the principles of population-based social norm change that are at the core of the solution. It then explains the value of strategic communications for helping accomplish this change, and ends with a review of common misconceptions about tobacco control communications.

Section 2: Strategic Communications Planning

Section 2 takes participants through a high level overview of the key steps for planning strategic communications activities, including clarifying goals, identifying the target audience, developing messages, selecting media, and putting together plans for implementation and evaluation. This section wraps up with a round of Knowledge Competition covering content in the first two sections.

Section 3: Putting Principles into Practice

In Section 3, participants will apply what they have learned in the first two sections to developing drafts of their own communications plans. This exercise is not intended to result in a completed plan, but an awareness of the decision making process.