Module 3: Smoke-Free Air Policy Strategies

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Module 3: Smoke-Free Air Policy Strategies provides participants with information and tools to help them understand the need for smoke-free air policy, what’s being done now to address the need, and what they can do to further implement and enforce smoke-free air policies. Using case studies, the participants will have the opportunity to practice identifying areas of smoke-free policy needs and preparing themselves for the inevitable challenges of policy introduction and implementation.

Module 3: Smoke-Free Air Policy Strategies – Training Materials – Downloadable Files

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Module Description

Section 1: The Big Picture: Problems and Solutions

Using the latest research, this first section highlights the problem of tobacco use in China and evidence-based solutions that have been recognized around the world.

Section 2: Essential Elements of Model Policy

This section looks at the essential elements needed to become a smoke-free city and gives participants the opportunity to identify and discuss these elements using sample cases. We focus on the first of five steps to becoming a smoke-free city: How to enact smoke free laws.

Section 3: Model Policy Implementation and Enforcement

Section 3 focuses on the remaining four steps to becoming a smoke-free city, which cover Implementation and enforcement. Once smoke-free law is drafted, and passed, implementation and enforcement are essential to high compliance of a strong law.

Section 4: Myths and Realities

Section 4 reviews some of the many myths associated with tobacco control policy. It will help participants discern which ideas are myths and which are realities, and generate compelling arguments to dispel the myths so they may more effectively support their policy goals.