This northern city of more than 7 million residents is an industrial powerhouse in China. The Smoke-Free Business Initiative team here partnered with the local Patriotic Health Campaign Committee and the Labor Union to bring businesses on-board to the no-smoking program.

Recruiting companies to the Initiative was driven through partners and specialized media promotions. One of two tobacco control public service announcements created in collaboration with local TV was an award winner from the National Health and Family Planning Commissions. Recruitment efforts have been rewarded, as 18 businesses, representing more than 99,000 employees, are currently enrolled.

The city team also focused on communication and education with local businesses. The team held regular site visits and seminars to build cooperation, tobacco control knowledge and leadership. They also held regular promotional and information meetings attended by multiple business leaders and Labor Union representatives.

The team points to a few key strategies that have driven the Initiative’s remarkable success:

  • Leveraging the municipal Labor Union’s Healthy Business project to implement the Smoke-Free Business Initiative.
  • Engaging the media to promote public acceptance of smoke-free businesses and to recruit more companies into the program.
  • Conducting monitoring and assessment of enrolled companies to assist them in successfully creating a smoke-free workplace.

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