The city of Qingdao, located in Shandong Province in eastern China, has a history of improving the health of its 8.7 million residents. The city received the 2014 WHO Healthy Cities Best Practice Recognition, reflecting its success in implementing city-level tobacco control policies. The Smoke-Free Business Initiative is now extending those efforts to focus on the city’s workplaces as well.

Leading the Qingdao smoke-free business effort is the municipal CDC, along with numerous partners: the Qingdao city PHCC, Qingdao City Labor Union, Economic and Information Technology Commission, and Bureau of Safety and Inspection. These partners assisted with recruitment of businesses and helped to coordinate the smoke-free program.

The city team initially developed a smoke-free business standard and implementation plan for the Initiative. The local PHCC also released an official government document to publicly recruit businesses throughout the city. Training was provided to business leaders on tobacco control. They were also encouraged to share their experiences in creating smoke-free workplaces. In addition, the team organized a site visit for business leaders to a role model smoke-free workplace.

With 48 businesses and more than 47,000 employees participating, the Smoke-Free Business Initiative has been a success.

The team cites several contributing factors:

  • Collaborating with multiple public and private partners to increase recruitment of businesses and the sharing of information and best practices.
  • Utilizing the media to promote the new Smoke-Free Business Initiative.
  • Leveraging the National Healthy City review to monitor smoke-free business creation.

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