Kelamayi is a city of more than 390,000 residents located in the northwestern, oil-rich region of China. It is one of the 6 model cities in China for National Healthy City Creation. The Tobacco-Free Cities team in Kelamayi focused on creating smoke-free businesses throughout the city, and partnered with: Kelamayi Labor Union and district level Patriotic Health Campaign Committees in this effort.

The team created a formal agreement with the Labor Union related to smoke-free business responsibility objectives and worked jointly on recruitment goals. The team built capacity through activities like ongoing training sessions for business leaders and by encouraging government leaders and their institutions to join the smoke-free effort.

The Initiative was promoted through the distribution of smoke-free business and cessation literature, and through more targeted efforts, such as downloadable tobacco control content on the Labor Union’s website, and through partnerships with the media to publicize smoke-free businesses.

Kelamayi currently has almost 60 businesses, employing more than 45,000 people, who are participating in the smoke-free effort.

These strategies have been crucial to their success:

  • Leveraging national and local government’s call on government institutions to become leaders in the smoke-free movement.
  • Integrating smoke-free business creation effectively in National Civilized City and National Healthy City creation work.
  • Promoting smoke-free business by holding “experience exchange” meetings with multiple businesses.

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