Hangzhou is the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. The city is known for its natural beauty, annually hosting tourists from around the world. For its own 6.2 million residents, the city now is focusing on another initiative, partnering with multiple entities to create smoke-free workplaces.

The Smoke-Free Business Initiative team is headed by the Hangzhou Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They have collaborated with numerous partners, including the Hangzhou City Labor Union, the Hangzhou City Safety and Inspection Bureau, the local PHCC, the Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Center, and the local media.

The team has successfully recruited 93 enterprises with more than 180,000 employees into the Smoke-Free Initiative. They credit their success to using a “Three-Line Strategy” of recruitment – working with three different sectors to recruit new businesses:

  • Government sector – Office of Health, PHCC, municipal governments
  • Business sector, and
  • Technical support agencies like the CDC.

To share tobacco control knowledge and expertise, the Initiative team benefited from the role of the Hangzhou Healthy City Creation Guide Center. They helped to coordinate the Initiative with government departments, promoting the program and smoke-free training sessions. The team also held numerous educational events, including meetings where businesses could exchange information, and leaders of high-performing smoke-free organizations could share their experiences.

Reviewing the success of the program to-date, the Hangzhou CDC noted the primary importance of the Initiative’s many partners, as well as:

  • Leveraging the city’s “Hundred Smoke-Free Unit Building” campaign to recruit businesses to join the Initiative.
  • Issuing an official government document for smoke-free business creation.
  • Focusing on the recruitment of influential large and medium-sized businesses supported by the Labor Union.

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