Changchun has long promoted health for its 7.6 million residents, and the city adopted a comprehensive city-wide smoke-free public places policy in 2013. Under the guidance of the Smoke-Free Business Initiative, workplaces in Changchun are now focusing on creating healthy environments as well.

The Health Education Institute in Changchun led the Smoke-Free Business Initiative, supported by the Changchun City Health Bureau. This team focused on strengthening personal relationships with the business community to gain support and enrollment into the effort.

Once on board, businesses were guided in establishing smoke-free workplace policies and their internal leaders were trained. Signage, booklets and other promotional materials were distributed to help communicate the no-smoking message. The team also advertised a Cessation Club where employees could sign up on popular social media like Weixin and QQ.

World No Tobacco Day was also leveraged, with the team organizing a major promotional event that emphasized smoke-free business creation and cessation in collaboration with multiple health agencies including the municipal HFPC, municipal tobacco control association and CDC. The team produced a special tobacco control promotional song that premiered at the event.

More than 16,000 employees now work under Changchun’s Smoke-Free Business Initiative.

The team attributes their success to:

  • Nurturing strong relationships with business leaders to support the efforts.
  • Directly training company employees through on-site tobacco control lectures.
  • Integrating tobacco control into health education.

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