The city of Anshan, in northeast China, is a major producer of iron and steel, and the city’s 3.6 million residents are now also becoming known in another area: creating smoke-free workplaces and public places.

The Smoke-Free Business Initiative Team in Anshan partnered with the Anshan Municipal Patriotic Health Campaign Committee (PHCC) to aid in the smoke-free effort. Their program’s successful components included engaging the leadership of the PHCC to advocate the creation of smoke-free businesses by issuing an official government document. The team also helped to integrate the promotion of smoke-free businesses with the city’s official National Health City creation plan.

The city team focused on promoting their smoke-free efforts to the business and civic communities as well. They held a large-scale tobacco control event where the Vice Mayor and other high-level city leaders were present. The event also attracted business representatives, the media, health sector leaders, tobacco control ambassadors and the local Health Supervision Bureau. Another meeting, attended by the city Vice Mayor, was organized to recognize businesses of excellence during World No Tobacco Day, with influential business leaders sharing their companies’ smoke-free experience.

Key strategies included:

  • Engaging leaders in all levels of government and business sectors to ensure cooperation and sustainability.
  • Encouraging a respected smoke-free business to take the lead in guiding other companies in their smoke-free efforts.
  • Effectively using the media. A smoke-free business’ column was created on ‘Anshan Health and Family Planning Network,’ and a tobacco control newsletter was included in the ‘Healthy Anshan’ newspaper.

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