projects_sf_homesSmoke-Free Homes

Over 16 million children are born in China each year, and fathers who smoke in the home expose 58% of them, or 9.3 million babies, to secondhand smoke (SHS). Research shows that exposure to secondhand smoke puts infants at risk of developing lower respiratory infections, sudden infant death syndrome, childhood cancers, reduced physical development and decrements in cognition and behavior. The China Tobacco Control Partnership designed an mHealth intervention aimed at preventing newborns’ exposure to the devastating effects of SHS. This intervention established smoke-free homes and provided cessation assistance to husbands who smoke. More >>>

projects_sf_businessSmoke-Free Business

In April 2014, the China Tobacco Control Partnership launched the Tobacco-Free Cities Smoke-Free Business Initiative with the goal of protecting non-smokers in the workplace from exposure to secondhand smoke while also supporting existing smokers in their efforts to quit. In addition to sharing the successes of the six participating cities—Anshan, Changchun, Hangzhou, Kelamayi, Qingdao and Tangshan—the Partnership also highlights Chinese companies recognized as winners of the Tobacco-Free Cities Smoke-Free Business of Excellence Awards. More >>>